Dapoxetine User Reviews


“Ejaculating too soon was always a problem for me. I tried all kinds of methods and even some medications before I got my hands on Dapoxetine, and l was really excited when I heard about it. Does it work? Yes, but it gives me about 3-4 extra minutes – something I’m not totally content with; I'm still holding out for something more effective and readily available.”



“My boyfriend has always been overeager in bed. Medically speaking, he doesn’t have premature ejaculation because he can usually last as long as 5 minutes or so. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for me – need a bit more time to reach a climax. We tried Priligy a few times and it seems to help, but Lee (my boyfriend) says it gives him a slight headache. So he stopped using it for the time being.”



“My doctor suggested I took Priligy on a trial basis after treating my PE for half a year with different methods and no notable result. I was a bit wary of the drug when I learned that it is essentially an antidepressant, but tried it anyway since you have to occasionally take just one pill before sexual intercourse. I’m happy to say it works. The 30mg pill makes me last up to 7 minutes. I’ve tried the 60mg one hoping it will make me last even longer, but, surprisingly, it has just the same effect on me.”



“Dapoxetine is one of those drugs that really have its pros and cons. First of all, it works and just like other “male pills”, it can be taken “as needed” and its effect will kick in within a few hours. However, it also means you will need to take a pill every single time you plan to engage in sex, which is a bit inconvenient in general since you have to calculate when exactly you’ll have sex to take a pill two hours before that.”



“I never knew what a long-lasting erection was before I was able to try dapoxetine, so I really can’t wait for it to become freely available in the US. For now, have to buy it in online pharmacies on the Internet.”



“Dapoxetine was the first drug I ever took in order to control my premature ejaculation, and it was quite an experience. I felt a bit light-headed and out of it the first few times I took it, so I honestly wondered if I'd be able to have sex at all. My lasting power did improve though, especially when l increased my dosage to 60mg. However, I’m still getting used to the side effects at this point although they seem to have become milder.”



“My boyfriend bought a box of Priligy to see if he could perform a little longer in bed, since I tend to take a while to climax. He said it felt a little strange during the first time with the pill, because at some point he thought he wouldn't come at all. But now, we can climax almost in unison!”



“I suggested that my husband should try dapoxetine as soon as I heard about it because I was uncomfortable with what he had to go through in order to last longer in bed. He used those desensitizers and they gave him numbness, which eliminated much of the pleasure. Luckily, Dapoxetine worked on him the first time he took the 30mg pill, and he experienced no side effects. However, we have to go through the hassle of almost “scheduling” sex so that he can take the pill beforehand.”



“At some point I noticed that my husband started to perform in bed a bit longer than he used to. I thought it was a bad sign which meant he got used to me and I didn't excite him so much anymore. But as it turned out, he just started taking Priligy without telling me. I assured him that his usual performance is quite good for me, but he says he enjoys using the pill because it makes him feel more manly in bed. So I don't mind, especially since I've started to enjoy our prolonged acts as well.”



“I personally haven’t been able to find my own happy medium. I started on the low dosage of 30 mg and barely saw any improvement. But then I got headaches and some drowsiness when I doubled the dose, so I wasn’t too comfortable with it. The results, however, are there with the 60 mg dosage, but I need to be sure the effects will be manageable because those side effects really spoil the feeling during sex.”



“It seems I’ve tried everything in order to come more slowly and last longer with my girlfriends — some of which, I'm convinced, left me because of my insufficient sexual performance. Priligy was somewhat of a desperate, last ditch resort, and I was quite pleasantly surprised to see it worked. I can last up to 10 minutes when I and my girlfriend have sex once a week. However, when sometimes we have the opportunity to engage in sex more often, I’ve noticed that I can easily last even longer than 10 minutes.”