Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Treatment Options

Sexual satisfaction plays a very important role in human life. In fact, Abraham Maslow, a renowned American psychologist, classified sex as a fundamental human need in addition to food and shelter. Unfortunately, many problems associated with this human activity exist including premature ejaculation (PE).Premature-Ejaculation

The manifestation of PE differs from one person to another. The ICD maintained by the World Health Organization states that PE is an ejaculation that occurs within 15 seconds of sexual intercourse. In contrast, the ISSM defines the disorder as an ejaculation that happens within a minute after penetration. That means that a lot of men worldwide experience this problem based on the definition by the ISSM. According to multiple studies, the average ejaculatory latency is 4 to 8 minutes.

The causes of premature ejaculation

The private nature of this condition makes the study of PE problematic. More specifically, men rarely talk about this kind of problem because it affects their self-esteem. Similarly, women hardly raise this issue with anyone because doing so may reflect poorly on them or on their partner. Therefore, myths on the causes of this issue are common because studies on it are inadequate. For example, some believe that the causes of PE include masturbation, hostility towards women, infrequent sexual activity, and the ongoing Oedipus complex. However, these causes haven’t got solid scientific proof so far.

What scientists know for sure at the moment is that premature ejaculation occurs because of physical, psychological, and emotional factors. Also, a recent study shows that genetics may play a part in the development of this condition. The study revealed that 91% of the men who suffered from PE during the course of their lives had a relative with the same problem.

Other studies showed that potential causes of premature ejaculation included conditions such as prostatitis or persistent drug abuse. Physical injuries to your penile area may also cause PE. Finally, men who suffer from anxiety, depression, and guilt are likely to suffer from premature ejaculation as well.

The treatment options for premature ejaculation

The first step to deal with this problem is to stop abusing drugs if that might be the cause of it. That means reducing your intake of alcohol and tobacco significantly. Of course, it goes without saying that the use of illicit drugs should also cease if you are consuming them.

Dealing with any psychological issues you might have is another good idea. In this case, you should talk to a psychologist about the problem so that you can find ways of dealing with it.

Dealing with PE through topical medications that desensitize your penis is also an option. These medications include gels, creams, and sprays that you can apply to your penis before you have sex with your partner. However this method has a few disadvantages. Firstly, it just deals with the symptom of PE, not with the underlying cause, which might be a serious medical condition, for example. Secondly, desensitizers considerably blunt sensation, and although you apply them to your organ, they can also affect your partner.

Another option men suffering from premature ejaculation have is medication. More specifically, some drugs that inhibit the uptake of serotonin show great results when used to treat PE. The most popular drug of this kind of medication is Dapoxetine, a drug that goes under such brand names as Priligy, Westoxetin and some others. Dapoxetine was initially created as an antidepressant, but it unexpectedly showed such good results in treating premature ejaculation that nowadays it is primarily used for this purpose. According to studies, Dapoxetine can increase the ejaculatory latency by 3 to 8 minutes, which makes a great difference for men who due to PE can last only seconds.