Major Health Concerns among Contemporary Men

Studies conducted by different scientists worldwide all show that men these days have a rather poor health compared to women. Unlike women, men tend to persevere experiencing certain symptoms for an extended period instead of visiting a medical practitioner. This consequently means that by the time a man has been diagnosed with a certain disease, it is usually at a very advanced stage.

Men also usually have a poorer lifestyle compared to women. Their lifestyle exposes them to more risks of contracting different types of fatal diseases. It is due to these behaviors that various serious concerns arise pertaining to men's health as we will see below.

Depression and suicide

Even though women are more often affected by depression than men, studies have shown that men at a higher risk of having their depression lead to other complications/diseases or even to suicide.wrong lifestyle This is simply because men are less open. They will not share their deep feelings with other people. As a result, they end up dealing with depression on their, which can very easily lead to suicide. This is especially common among young people.

The best way for a man to deal with depression, as explained by psychologists, is reaching out to a family member or a physician to seek therapy and treatment.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men after skin cancer. The disease is exclusively found in men as it affects the prostate gland responsible for secreting ejaculation fluids in men. Prostate cancer is not very aggressive - just one person out of 35 is likely to die from it. The bad habit of men not going for early screening, however, increases the chances of cancer escalating to severe levels.

Men are advised to get screening and visit their doctors more frequently to understand risk factors and know how to avoid them best.

Cardiovascular disease

Experts at the CDC explain that stroke and other heart diseases are the leading causes of most deaths across the world. Some unhealthy lifestyles men lead expose them to risks of contracting cardiovascular diseases. Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, and excess cholesterol consumption are just some of the habits that will very quickly lead to atherosclerosis.

Research has shown that men develop cardiovascular diseases at an earlier age than women. They, therefore, have to work harder than women to deal with the problem. To reduce the risk of developing heart disease, men should control their blood pressure, engage in more physical activities, eat more vegetables and fruits and reduce consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancer that claim lots of lives worldwide each year. It spreads very fast making it difficult to handle by the time its symptoms have developed. 90% of the causes of lung cancer are as a result of tobacco smoking. Since men make up the biggest fraction of smokers, they are at a higher risk of succumbing to this cancer.

This problem can be handled simply through avoiding cigarette smoking. However, so many men are not willing to quit smoking despite this deadly disease they are at risk of.