Don't Mix Anger and Exercise!

Did you ever tell someone to “Stay calm or you might get a heart attack” meaning it as hyperbola? A recent study made by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research could very well change the way you view this common expression. This is because it has been revealed that anyone who has recently had their fuses blown and decides to undergo strenuous physical activity right after has a rather high chance of getting a heart attack.

While exercise is a well-known way to beat stress, taking the time to calm down before you workout could very well save you from the life-threatening risk of a heart attack.Angry man The study came in the form of a survey of more than 12,000 people who have had their very first experience of a heart attack. They were asked whether they were in any way stressed or upset prior to getting their heart attack, or if they underwent any physically taxing activities of any kind. In short, the researchers were trying to pinpoint whether known factors that trigger heart attacks such as exertion and anger, if combined, could increase heart attack risks further.

The results were if you were doing or experiencing either of the two, you have twice the risk of getting a heart attack. Do both at the same time, and the risk shoots up to thrice. The study also revealed that there are certain times of day (from 6 pm to midnight, to be exact) when people are more prone to suffering from heart failure. Take note that these results do not take into account other heart attack risks such as smoking and consuming unhealthy food.

Part of the reason why the heart attack risk increases drastically if exercise and anger are mixed is because both activities affect vital factors of cardiovascular health; these are namely blood pressure, blood flow, and heart rate. If you are already suffering from coronary artery disease, any further reduction of blood supply to the heart only ever makes it more likely for you to end up getting a heart attack.

In light of these recent revelations, medical experts have highlighted the importance of taking measures to relieve stress first before opting to start or continue any physical workout schedule or training regimen. Being calm also lets you focus on your activities better and improves the benefits of exercise as well. It’s also best to not overexert your body, especially if you are well-aware that you are already past your limit when doing anything strenuous.